I’m watching archery at the moment, and it’s so tense! There’s a Brit in with a chance of bronze. It’s such a psychological sport, they must be so stressed.

All level with one arrow left! I’m having a heart attack here. She’s won! Amazing.

Ok, I confess that the main point of this is to test out posting from my phone. It’s an interesting new blogging experience, certainly, and maybe it’ll reveal a new side to my musings. Perhaps I’m funnier in my living room? Well, we can hope.

I’ve even started watching show jumping, which I never thought would happen. It’s impossible to judge other countries, because I’m not familiar enough with the accents, but I can tell you that that British equestrianism is populated by upper-class twits.

Incidentally, all comments should be sent to my phone as well as to the site, so leave me a message and I can test that too!