I’ve been monitoring hits to my website for a while now, and things are beginning to tick over alright. By which I mean that I actually get a few hits every day, which is a big improvement believe me. I used to be able to identify exactly who was viewing which page, my readership of two normally visiting on different days and identifying themselves with a comment, but now it’s more tricky. Sure, I could look at the IP address data, but can’t really be bothered with that any more.

Few people seem to be leaving comments, so perhaps I’m not being controversial enough. Should I be more political perhaps? No. I have read many blogs that descend into incoherent radical rantings, and I did not return to a single one. I shall have to think further. Also, I was thinking I really ought to get some sort of guest book set up, so that people can tell me just how wonderful my website is and how witty and erudite I am. I should not deprive people of this opportunity any longer. It’s just cruel.