I’m going off to Cornwall today. In fact, I should have gone already but I’m getting a lift from a friend and she’s running a little late. I woke up to find a text message saying she would be an hour late because ‘packing was taking longer than she thought’. Then an hour later she phones to say that her a wheel on her car is stuck. Apparently WD40 and a hammer has now done the job, and everything is running relatively smoothly. I’ve never seen her car, but apparently it’s quite old. And evidently a little rusty too…

I can now post from my phone, but only if I have WAP coverage. I’m not sure whether the area I’m going to has it or not, so I’ll have ot wait and see. If it does, I will be able to regail you with tales of my exploits, and even photos using my all-new photoblog. The links to this are on the left hand side, and the photo shown is automatically updated to show the most recent one. I haven’t yet figured out a way to resize it, however, so it will look a bit rubbish for the next few weeks. I sort it out when I get back.

In conclusion, if I can’t speak to you for a while, have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. I will be sure to tell you all sorts of entertaining stories when I can. I will be back home on the 20th of September, so see you then if not before.

PS Just to reiterate, I receive any comments by email, so LEAVE SOME COMMENTS! Thankyou.