I’ve been in Cornwall for just over 24 hours now, and am sitting on a wall outside the village hall at the moment. I have a big mug of real coffee, a copy of today’s ‘Guardian’ and it is a beautiful, balmy summer evening. It’s blooming grand!

I arrived in the afternoon yesterday, after an entertaining trip down with a friend of mine. She kindly offered to give me a lift, for which I was very grateful, and after a phone call saying ‘a wheel wont turn’ I met her at the bottom of the steps near the house two hours late. She then started trying to persuade me to clamber in through the passenger window when it was revealed that the door wouldn’t open either. This did not fill me with confidence, and in the rest of the trip I was treated to many more entertaining mishaps, including, but not limited to, windows that once opened could not be shut again, and a tape player that produces Chipmunk re-mixes.

Right, just a short post for now. Must go socialise with my thespian friends! By for now.