I bought an espresso pot today, and a milk frother, so am fully kitted out with home cappuccino equipment. Experiments so far have been, well, reasonable. Not great, but passable at least. I’ve actually come to the conclusion that I don’t necessarily like cappuccino very much (and that’s a general thing, not just my version of it). Espresso’s great though. This pot does a triple shot, so I’m worried I’m gonna get into the habit of going to 9 am lectures completely wired on caffeine. Nothing wakes you up better than espresso. So much better than diluting your caffeine hit with large quantities of warm milk.

On a different note, I’m a little suspicious of my site statistics, since there’s been a massive surge in visits in the last 24 hours. Am I seriously to believe that over 50 people have visited me today? Hardly likely, and apparently 8 of them were returning visitors. As far as I am aware, I have only three regularly returning visitors, and that’s it. If so many people randomly turned up at my site today, where the hell did they all come from, eh?

Anyway, if any of you out there have randomly stumbled across this little backwater of the WWW, and you feel that you might be part of the sudden stampede, leave a comment and tell me what the hell is going on. In fact, anyone who reads this, leave a bloody comment! I know you’re there, cos my stats tell me so.

Hold on, does that seem too needy? Should I be writing this solely for myself, giving two fingers to the world in general if they don’t like it? Maybe I’m not being controversial enough to provoke comment, but I’d like to think it’s cos my arguments are so elegant and beautifully constructed that they are entirely irrefutable. Pffft. (That was intended to convey an ‘as if’ expelling of air from between pursed lips, by the way.)

I spent the last few mins going through the ETG website, looking at photos. The European Theatre Group is a Cambridge company that takes a touring production of Shakespeare round mainland Europe for three weeks just before Christmas every year. I really want to do it one year, and have auditioned twice so far, but the competition is probably the highest of any production. Unluckily, the ETG was the first audition I ever did in Cambridge, (I had no clue what a big deal it was), and I proceeded to make a complete tit of myself in front of the panel of four. Last year’s wasn’t so bad (I did at least get a recall) and you know what they say; Third time lucky. (As ever, I have know idea whether that semi-colon was used correctly. Anyone?).

This is just one of those random and rambling posts. Nothing of any import or gravity to say, but waffling on regardless. I’ve half written a post about the Minack, but it’s drivel at the moment. Then again, I’m about to post this, so perhaps I shouldn’t worry too much about artistic merit.