I haven’t posted for a while, so I’ll do a quick recap of what’s been happening. I’m now back in Cambridge, having moved in on Sunday afternoon, and have been getting settled back into college. I’m pleased with my room this year (modern, well-designed room with ensuite), but have to confess to slight pangs of jealousy when I saw some of my friends rooms. The disgracefully meritocratic system at my college determines that obtaining a 1st in end of year exams puts you at the top of the room ballot, enabling you to select one of the wonderful old rooms. Several friends have a massive living room as well as a seperate bedroom, but I’m not bitter. Not even slightly.

The nominal reason for my early return is so that I can ‘make use of the library facilities before term starts’. This is partly true, but it’s also nice to settle in before term starts properly. As I mentioned previously, this year is going to be one of studious and conscientious study, mixed in carefully determined proportion with wild and hedonistic partying. It’s a fine line to tread, but it’s there somewhere. I don’t need to cut down on the ‘extra-curricular activities’, I just need to cut out the ‘sitting on my arse’ that so frequently filled idle hours last year.

The other news, of course, is that my sister flys home this weekend. She’s been in Tanzania for the past 9 months teaching on a health education scheme, and is scheduled to land at Heathrow at 06.00 this Saturday. The only minor complication to this plan is that, after almost nine months, and with only a week to go, she’s managed to get malaria. For those of you who know about these things, she has grade 2 malaria, but I can’t pretend that means very much to me. With proper healthcare (which she does appear to be receiving), she ought to be fine again in no time, and apparently symptoms are like a very bad bout of flu. Still, not pleasant, and not a good way to end her time in Africa.

It has been pointed out to me that my website looks pretty lame at any resolution other than 1024×768. Those of you running at different settings, I apologise. I’m gonna redesign the entire site at some point, but for now you’ll have to make do. I really ought not waste time on it at the moment, so it may have to wait until a much later date. When I was designing the site, I did try to do it such that the entire look of the site was fixed by CSS, and would therefore be relatively painless to change, but I got rather sloppy by the end. It may end up being a long, drawn out and protracted nightmare. Don’t worry, I shall be sure to whinge massively, thereby passing on a proportion of the unpleasantness to you, my loyal readers.