Well, I got a part in ‘Me and My Girl’ at the Arts Theatre next February, which I’m extremely excited about. In fact, I was offered a part in both productions I auditioned for, but had to turn one down. Trying to do two productions, rowing and enough academic work next term would have been impossible. I’m going to be playing the role of Major Domo, which is only a small speaking role, but I’ll be cropping up as the same character throughout the show, doing lots of singing and ‘dancing’. I say ‘dancing’ rather than dancing because while I do my level best, I’m certainly no twinkle-toes.

One of my good friends has landed the female lead, and many other friends from previous shows are playing various roles. I’ve worked with the Director and Musical Director before as well, and it promises to be not only a very high quality production, but a lot of fun too. Rehearsing starts a week on Saturday, and we’ll be rehearsing full-time for a week before we all head home for Christmas. I can’t wait to get started, but I’ve got this G&S production of The Sorcerer first. Which reminds me, I have a lot of lines and lyrics to learn.

I’m not quite sure what my character in ‘Me and My Girl’ (MAMG) is like yet, by I have a feeling he may be old and grumpy. I’ve got a bit of a reputation for playing that type of role, so much so that I earned the nickname ‘Grumpy Proprietor’ (or GP), thanks to the number of roles I’ve had where I play a short-tempered owner of some establishment or other. Some suggest that perhaps I’m being typecast, to which I mutter darkly under my breath and throw something hard and pointy at their head.