With three days left till Christmas, and being a male of average behaviour, my mind has finally turned to seasonal shopping. While normally this would leave me an ample three days to scour local shops and business for suitable gifts, I depart early tomorrow for a family Christmas in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Therefore, today is all I have. In fact, since it is now lunchtime, I have this afternoon.

Fortunately I am mentally prepared for the ordeal, and pretty much know what I am going to purchase. Providing St Albans shops are still well stocked, there shouldn’t be much problem. One area of concern is a CD, which may be difficult to track down. Amazon are out of stock, and while I wasn’t planning to buy it there anyway (I was just checking the title), this might mean it has been selling well on the highstreet too. Time will tell.

A much more interesting subject is what I shall be receiving on Christmas morning. I remember the good old days, when a quick flick through the Argos catalogue would uncover hundreds of toys that I would be only too happy to receive. What is more, they would mostly be relatively cheap and therefore realistic to request. Now, at the advanced age of 22, my wish list consists almost exclusively of electrical gadgetry, and to request more than one of these might be misconstrued as, well, greedy. I’ve been hankering after an digital camera for some time now, and the SLR I had my eye on is still upwards of £700. I’ve given up on getting that any time soon, so I’m going to purchase a much cheaper model with Christmas money. I’ve been scanning eBay for a bargain, but will probably wait till January, when I reckon it’ll be more of a buyers market.

Right, time to stop typing and go shopping. I’ll grab some lunch first though. Can’t purchase effectively on an empty stomach, now can I?