My greatest sporting moment came back in 1994, when I was the goalkeeper for Fleetville Junior School’s football team. (That’s soccer to Americans.) We had narrowly lost the league, due in part to some dreadful refereeing decisions, but we reached the final of the cup competition, eventually winning 1-0. I made one particular save that stands out in my memory, and imagine my suprise to discover that this pinnacle of sporting achievement has been recorded for posterity!

My old football coach has written a book called ‘100 Years: A History of Schools’ Football in St Albans‘, and features a brief account of the victory. It gets the name of a friend of mine incorrect, actually listing his younger brother as scoring the winning goal, but mentions that I “pulled off a string of excellent saves.” It’s hard for me to explain quite how chuffed I am by this, especially since this book is available to the entire world through Amazon. I find it unbelievable that what I consider to be my best ever performance in a sporting arena is commemorated in a book. I’m running out at the first opportunity to buy myself a copy!

Another weird thing; I got a hit to my website yesterday when somebody from the Bronx googled “blog about physics”. If that isn’t an indication of a market for my new project, then I don’t know what is. Unfortunately I really don’t have time for it at the moment, however much fun it would be. My good intentions for work have not yet materialised this holiday, so I’ve got to get cracking on that

I’m off to Devon for New Year tomorrow, so probably no posts for a while. Happy New Year to all my faithful readership! Both of you!