Ten days without a post, and yet again I must resort to a barrage of information to keep you all up to date. I remember the good old days, when I had nothing of any import to impart, and was free to ramble aimlessly on whatever subject tickled my fancy. Now, however, the terrific whirlwind of activity that is my life forces me to be focused. Well, more focused than normal, anyway…

The project to which I referred in my last post is now done, and while it was no masterpiece, I did at least meet the deadline with a whole twenty minutes to spare. One guy I know was ten minutes late, and is having to go through a lengthy appeal process to get any marks for it at all. It accounts for 10% of this year, and with the experiment from last term, and a review of scientific literature I’m due to start at some point (theoretically soon), I’ll have 70% left resting on the final exams. For a lot of my friends, these really are their ‘finals’, but luckily for me I’m on a four year course so am guaranteed another 12 months to get may act together. (Though anything I apply to do after my fourth year will be with this year’s results. I’d better keep that in mind…)

In other news, the rehearsals for ‘Me and My Girl’ are progressing well. With three hour rehearsals almost every week day evening, and around 8-10 hours on Saturday and Sunday, they are truly exhausting. After ten hours singing the same thing over and over again, a particularly idiosyncratic form of psychosis is liable to form. Stuck in an infinite loop, your brain repeats the same small section of music, and henceforth every idle moment is filled with mental repetition of the same sanity-shredding tune. Even now, my head is nodding along to the unstoppable beat. PLEASE, OH PLEASE, WONT YOU MAKE THE MUSIC STOP?!

Lectures started again on Thursday, and in quite typical style I haven’t made it to any of the three so far. In my defence, the first came only hours before the coursework deadline, and I certainly didn’t have an hour to spend in a lecture theatre. The others came on Friday morning when I was feverishly working for a supervision that afternoon. Tomorrow, I intend to be up bright and early, and I will make it to my 9am lecture. I may as well start with good habits, even if I’m too much of a slacker to maintain them.

Preparations are afoot for our college yearbook, and I spent some of this evening with a group of friends writing the entry for one of my flatmates last year. (Max, the crazy German, and also one of the inventors of ‘Hall Rugby’) I’m a little apprehensive about what mine’s gonna be like, but I’m sure my friends will keep the abuse jovial and friendly. Well, pretty sure. You hear me Joe? Be nice!