I’m in the middle of a gruelling week. The idea that finishing the show would leave me loads of free evenings to do lots of work has proved entirely fanciful, for two main reasons. Firstly, even an empty evening will inevitably be spent in some pointless and unconstructive activity, and secondly, most evenings seem to contain a social event of some sort. This has been my schedule…

  • Tuesday 3rd : Pool match
    The result was not good, leaving us almost certain to miss out on promotion. It would have been great to see Catz 4th team in the top division. Mourn the passing of a dream, people.
  • Wednesday : “Orpheus in the Underworld”
    I shall be diplomatic in my commentary on this show, and say that I did enjoy it, but possibly only because I knew so many of the cast. There were some good points, including some very attractive Can-Can dancers and a funny turn by a fellow Catz student playing the part of ‘Public Opinion’, but overall the show didn’t really work that well. It was at the Arts Theatre, as was ‘Me and My Girl’, and made me really proud of what a high quality production we put on. I can say that without arrogance, because I am only judging from the bits I was able to watch, which obviously I wasn’t in. I cannot vouch for how far I dulled the show’s professional sheen when on stage.
  • Thursday : “Royal Hunt of the Sun”
    I was doing ‘front of house’ at the ADC for this show, involving checking tickets and selling programmes before the show, and selling ice-cream at the interval. There’s no payment for this, but you get to see the show for free, and even receive a complimentary ice-cream at the interval. (At least, you do unless you turn up fifteen minutes late and the manager is annoyed with you. Whoops…)
  • Friday : “Anything Goes”
    This was a college production that the M&MG choreographer was also working on. Every member of the company was from Magdalene College, and it had a great feeling of being a real community project. The standard of the acting and singing wasn’t always great, but that wasn’t the point. Everyone involved was clearly enjoying themselves immensely, and as a consequence the audience did too. Afterwards we all went back to a friends room for ‘a quick drink’. I eventually left at about 3am…
  • Saturday : House Party
    I wasn’t intending to go, but was bullied into it. Once again, popping round for an hour or so turned into wobbling home on my bike at 3 o’clock in the morning. My sleeping rhythms are all over the place.
  • Sunday : Dan’s 21st Birthday
    Dan is one of my flatmates from last year, and we’re all going along to ‘Formal Hall’ to get drunk in honour if this auspicious occasion. Formal Hall is one of the many weird Cambridge traditions, and involves dressing up in gowns and listening to arcane latin prayers before eating. You get a three course meal, plus cheese board, for only £7 though, which is a real bargain. Add to this the consumption of bottle of wine each, and there’s no better way to celebrate a birthday in college.
  • Monday : Nat Sci Society Dinner
    Nat Sci is the accepted abbreviation of ‘Natural Sciences’, the umbrella subject that includes physics, biology and chemistry. (As well as a load of random ones nobody really cares about.) ‘The John Ray Society’ is its official title in my college, after some famous alumnus, and we’re having a big dinner on Monday. It will most likely include much alcohol consumption.

And there we have it; lots of fun, and little time to alleviate my current work crisis. You may notice the ridiculous hour at which I’m writing this, and considering I’ve still got two more evenings of revelry ahead of me, I must head to bed. I really must work hard tomorrow too…