Just a very quick post to say that I am in the process of leaving Blogger.com for something vastly superior. WordPress is a PHP and MySQL based system, which is to say that it forms a database of posts (and comments, links etc.) and then creates each page dynamically, as it is requested. That was boring, wasn’t it? But I can assure you the results are not. Makes very little difference to you, (except that hopefully the commenting system will be more reliable), but takes so much of the hassle out of updating and maintaining the site.

The problem is that I don’t know any PHP, and therefore am struggling to understand what on earth I am doing. It’s an immensely powerful system, but this makes it scary. Add to this that I’m giving my blog a fresh lick of paint, and this could be a long process. Great things are afoot! (I may even move my blog to an all new subdomain! Have to wait and see…)

In other news, I actually did some work today A (small) miracle! Only sorting some lecture notes, but it’s a start. I also replaced a broken curtain hook, so am no longer risking exposing myself to the neighbourhood. I’m sure you’ll agree this is good news for all.