My readership is divided into two sections; those who know me directly, live in England and don’t blog themselves, and those that do have blogs and also read ‘The Moxie Blog‘. Since half these people know all about the auction already, and half of them probably don’t care very much, this post will serve little practical purpose. Anyhoo…

As approximately 50% of you will know, Moxie Cinema is soon to be a small, independently owned art-house cinema in Springfield, Missouri. I’ve been following the blog for over eight months now, and have been treated to many an amusing tale of the trials and tribulations endured by Dan and Nicole in a bid to start their business. With myriad competitions, schizophrenic solo conversations, and even cockroaches called Nostrilamus, this blog has everything you could dream about, plus more that would never appear in even your worst nightmare

But there is trouble in paradise, my friends. ‘The Man’ is causing trouble for our fragile young pioneers, imposing draconian restrictions and requirements which, despite heroic accounting efforts, have stretched the budget too far. Additional funds are sorely needed, and consequently the decision has been made to auction off the naming rights for the Moxie’s ‘Cinebar’. No ordinary concessions stand, the Cinebar will serve everything from popcorn to beer, with many fascinating and unique products in-between. I know what you’re thinking, and by golly, you’re right. This is indeed a wonderful and, dare I say it, priceless opportunity to have your name prominently displayed in what will doubtless become on the of the world’s foremost social venues.

But the priceless is to be priced, and at this very moment is for sale on eBay. The Moxie Cinebar eBay auction is exciting in the extreme, giving white-knuckle entertainment for all ages. Visit the auction now, and even if you feel unable to bid (the price is already over $600) then make sure to ‘watch’ it. (Click the link in the top right corner.) If the auction has enough watchers, it will make it onto lists of popular auctions and the buzz will increase yet further.