I’d been having problems running the php script to import posts from Blogger to WordPress, and it turns out it was due to outdated software running on the SRCF servers. Still, with even my very limited knowledge of php I was able to find a way round it, so now my blog is entirely transferred to the new system. Unfortunately, this mean that the time spent making that new Blogger template was entirely wasted, but hopefully I can convert it reasonably easily to WordPress. Until then, I’ll be using this default template. Functional, if a little boring, but at least I’m free from the woefully unreliable Blogger once and for all.

I wont be making any attempts to update the template until after the weekend, though, as I’m off to Yorkshire soon to visit my granparents. It’s just my mum and my sister going too, since my brother and dad have work commitments, and we ought to be leaving in an hour or so. In fact, I’d better stop typing immediately and get some clothes etc. into a bag. Bye for now!