Everyone has things that frighten them. For some it is spiders, while others are terrified by confined spaces. Many people fear the dark, and are unable to walk the streets at night. There are many things that can provoke terror so extreme as to incapacitate. For me, it is standing on the 6th tee at Abbey View golf course.

My relationship with this accursed hole from hell began several years ago, and has intensified with every encounter. The scene for many a round-ruining score, lowlights include a ten-putting incident (involving going off the green again twice) and the six shots spent in a bunker mentioned in my last post. Today I added a new chapter to the saga, ending up in exactly the same bunker straight off the tee. Fighting back the vivid mental replays of my last sojourn in the front-right-green-sand-trap, I broke free in a mere four shots. That hole is the bane of my existence. (And I really must practice bunker shots…)

PS Tinkering with the blog should now be finished, and I’d appreciate any tip-offs about problems in different browsers. This particularly applies to people not using Firefox or Internet Explorer. (How’s it looking in Safari, Kerrie?)

PPS In case it wasn’t clear already, I ought to clarify that I’m really crap at golf. When I say that the 6th frequently ruins my round, I mean it makes a poor score even worse, and not that I was actually doing well in the first place. I’d like to be good at golf, but there has been scant indication thus far that this will ever happen.