I’m back in Cambridge again, and slowly dragging my thoughts towards maybe starting considering preparations for work at some point in the next month. I moved back on Saturday morning, and have another nine days before lectures start. Unfortunately I have a piece of coursework due in on that Thursday (the 28th) so I really must start working immediately. Progress to this goal has been characteristically slight.

I spent most of Saturday just sorting out my room, as it takes quite a while to get everything unpacked and put away. I figure I may as well start the term with a well organised room, even if this semblance of order is short lived. At the moment my notes are well organised and filed, but if previous years are anything to go by exam stress will put pay to this. My system of ‘spatial filing’ is notorious, and to the uneducated eye may appear nothing but a randomly arranged coating of paper, thickly applied to all horizontal surfaces within range. Actually of course there is careful method to my apparent madness, with different geographic regions for different subjects. A foolhardy few have ventured into this landscape unaccompanied, never to be seen again, and on occasion even I, the creator, get a little lost.

One of my main sources of exercise in Cambridge during the summer term is impromptu games of football with a motley collection of college friends. The games are casual at best (there is a strong tendency for the attacking side to display a great deal more energy), and they mostly remain good natured (with the occasional reckless challenge). On Sunday a great deal of amusement was gleaned from having placed the pitch facing toward the river. A rather shameful degree of peer pressure was brought to bear on one hapless soul, who we bullied into going swimming to retrieve one wayward shot. On Monday we had the presence of mind to position the pitch elsewhere.

Almost everywhere of note in Cambridge is within easy walking distance, but since a friend had the unexpected bonus of an extra day with his rented car, a load of us went bowling on Sunday evening. There was a stage, in my early teens, when every birthday party seemed to involve bowling, but since then I’ve not been more than two or three times. My top score is 163 about eight years ago, but I didn’t even come close to that on this occasion. I guess I’m just very out of practice, but I’d forgotten how much fun it is, so maybe I’ll take the trouble to get back in practice. Oh, and you can find a photo I took in my photoblog (link in the sidebar) but the automatically updating thumbnail doesn’t seem to be working currently. It still shows that punting photo, and there are two shots newer than that now.

Right, bed time for me. I’m gonna get up reasonably early tomorrow, and I will do some work…