There as been an appalling interregnum. I have no excuses, except perhaps congenital laziness, but there now seems a quite overwhelming amount to catch up on. I wont bother trying to fill you in on everything, but I’ll endeavour to cover the salient points.

Much fun was had in Cambridge post exam results. It was when recounting my last week or so in college to my sister that I realised quite how much I had done, and consequently spent. A black-tie ball, a champagne and jazz garden party, punting on the river watching fireworks, more garden parties, a space themed fancy dress party (I was a planet by virtue of green face-paint and a frisbee on my head) and a BBQ or two. I’m sure there was more, but my recollection is overlaid with the haze of an almost perpetual alcoholic stupor.

I have now accepted the role in the Edinburgh production, and it is in fact one of the lead tenor roles. I don’t know all that much about the show as yet, and am rather concerned at the lack of communication from the production team. I keep hoping to receive an email detailing plans for the rehearsal period, but reliable information has been hard to come by. I’m getting worried (probably entirely irrationally) that the whole thing has fallen through due to financial or casting issues. I’ll keep you posted on that.

As for the production in Cornwall in September, I am looking forward to it massively but think that perhaps I ought not to do it all. There is extremely lucrative employment available to me at the beginning of September, and should I not work properly at all this summer I would be left in dire financial straights for the whole of next year. I’m sure dropping out would be the most sensible decision (I’m one of six tenors in the chorus, so that wouldn’t be at all disastrous for them) but as my sister said this morning, I’m only young once. Again, I shall let you know the conclusion to my pondering.

Exciting other news is that I may be living out of college next year, sharing a house with friends. I’m not a big fan of living on corridors, and far preferred my second year living in a flat. My ideal would have been to live in one of the college owned houses with some post-grad friends, but since I am still an undergraduate I wasn’t eligible for that accommodation. It may or may not be wise to live out, but it’s hardly as if dormitory style accommodation has proved conducive to hard work in the past. Perhaps a change of scene will be beneficial to my work ethic? My prospective house-mates have already offered to bully me into greater effort, and one of them is about the most studious and hardworking person you could ever meet. Maybe she will prove to be a good influence. However, all these plans rely on finding a suitable four bedroom house. Once more, I shall have to let you know how that one pans out.

I’m now back in St Albans and looking for a job, but with only a couple of weeks before I (hopefully) head back to Cambridge for rehearsals, employment is proving hard to come by. I’m definitely gonna have to try and find work in Edinburgh, otherwise starvation will be my fate. That or getting stranded in Scotland, unable to afford a ticket anywhere. (Speaking of which, if I do both productions this summer I’m going to have to travel direct from Edinburgh to Cornwall. That’s a pretty long way, by British standards. Fortunately there are other people in both casts, so I wont be making the journey alone.)

I’ll leave you with the good news that I’ve set up posting via email, so thanks to my trusty mobile phone you wont miss a scrap of news this summer. Just think of the fascinating posts from Edinburgh, with pithy insights into the largest arts festival in the world. You’re salivating, aren’t you? I know I am…