I’m very aware that it is far too long since I posted, and I hope an absence of information pertaining to my life has not proved too detrimental to your own. I’ve been back in college since last Tuesday, and am actually quite looking forward to lectures starting again. I think the courses should be interesting, and this year is the first time we’ve had much choice of subjects. This allows me to drop some of the worst areas from last year’s exams (though there weren’t really any good ones). My choices this term will most likely be ‘Soft Condensed Matter’, ‘Physics of the Earth as a Planet’ and ‘Astrophysics and Cosmology’. Perhaps if you’re very good I’ll explain all about them some time. Or perhaps if you’ve very bad. In fact, you’re gonna have to behave in a pretty average fashion to avoid that particular treat.

I realise there has been an almost complete absence of tales from my summer, and in the interests of keeping abreast of current activities it will probably have to remain thus. I did however come back with over a thousand photos, so you can have a look at them as I post them on the internet. So far I’ve only sorted through the pictures from Cornwall, but feel free to peruse them. (Don’t worry , there are only 153.) Actually of course, they’re pretty boring to anyone who doesn’t know the people featured, so the better shots can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. For those of you who trawl through them all, I can’t even begin to explain the section containing men in drag, so I wont try. The show was called ‘Iolanthe’ and you can also find some pictures on the Minack Theatre Website (though they’re only from the dress rehearsal).

Now I must head to bed, but I promise more regular updates from now on. If I discard (regretfully) a whole summer of anecdotes, I can at least resume normal service. Blogging is a habit I’m in danger of losing and we certainly don’t want that, now do we?