Both Nicole and Nicholas completed this photo related meme, and it’s a good one so I figured I’d join in too. Using Google’s wonderful image search, you take the first picture thrown up by searches for your…

  • Town of birth
  • Town of residence
  • Name
  • Grandmother’s name
  • Favourite food
  • Favourtie drink
  • Favourite song
  • Favourtie smell


Though I was born in Manchester, I spent only the first year of my life there so I don’t really qualify as a Northerner. It’s a relief really, since otherwise I would have been stuck supporting either Manchester United (a repulsive thought) or Manchester City (a depressing prospect).



I guess I don’t really live here, but it is where I spend more than half the year. Cambridge is stunning in any season, and there are loads of fantastic photos thrown up by Google. This first is definitely one of the best.



I did try my actual name, but there were no photos returned at all. It seems I have a namesake graffiti artist out there somewhere. I assure you we are not the same person. I have no artistic talent whatsoever.


“Dorothy *****”

I’ve edited this post to remove my surname, since I like the fact that Googling my name doesn’t currently return any hits on this site. It’s not that I’m particularly fussed if people find their way here, just that ever since I heard potential employers often Google interviewees I’d rather they didn’t come across this immediately. Anyway, I think I’ve worked out why my grandmother’s name throws up this somewhat strange photo. The ‘*\**’ part comes from my uncle (her son), who has done a lot of research into the Chartist movement, and he happens to appear on a web page near someone named Dorothy. Strange that it’s a related ***, but I guess it is a pretty rare name.



It’s really tricky to pick a favourite food, as it completely depends on my mood, but olives are certainly up there.



Nothing hits the spot like a double espresso.


“Beautiful Day”

Again, it’s really tricky to pick a favourite song. This U2 song has fantastic associations for me, since it was used as the soundtrack on the video of a sky-dive I did on my gap year. That’s right, I did a parachute jump. It was AWESOME.


“Freshly roasted coffee”

Yep, it’s another coffee related photo. To be honest, my favourite food could easily have been chocolate coated coffee beans, but I figured choosing basically the same thing three times would be a little over the top.