It’s been a long time between updates again. There’s a lot of news, but I guess I’ll try to cover just the salient points.

Term is progressing as per usual, with plenty of socialising and even a smattering of work once in a while. I’ve seen several productions at the student theatre (the ADC), including the musical ‘Hair’ and ‘Confusions’ by Alan Ayckbourn. I am also auditioning this weekend for shows next term. I’ve played in another football match for the college 3rd team, in which we were soundly beaten by a team superior in both fitness and finesse. Catz IVth pool team (not actually the fourth best team in college) have gained their first victory of the season, as well as suffering a painful 7-2 defeat early today. Yesterday a close friend turned 23, joining me in being labelled officially old, and everyone celebrated her birthday by ceilidh dancing the night away in aid of Children in Need. Tonight I went off to see a friend in the medic’s panto, a show jam-packed with scatological humour and puns involving obscure medical conditions.

I think that brings me pretty much up to date. Close enough, anyway. With the business completed, I can relax back into my neutral position of ‘random rambling’. On that note, I saw ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ for the first time on Thursday night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Many of the Cambridge colleges have their own film societies, and while they mostly show recent blockbusters such as ‘Revenge of the Sith’ or ‘Sin City’, careful scouring of the schedules sometimes affords a rare opportunity to see classics on the (reasonably) big screen. After the fearfully dated humour of Holly Golightly’s upstairs neighbour (I suspect it was ‘ironic’, but just made me cringe), I was thoroughly charmed by the film in general, and the leading lady in particular. I find it impossible to imagine anyone watching ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and not leaving completely in love with Audrey Hepburn. Beautiful and charmingly eccentric. Also 78 and somewhat deceased.

Talking of beautiful and charmingly eccentric leading ladies, I watched ‘Garden State’ again the other day and was reminded how awesome the soundtrack is. I read on IMDB that Zach Braff won a Grammy for best compilation soundtrack, an honour thoroughly deserved. I’d never heard most of the artists before, so have found a whole new world of music. Frou Frou, Zero 7, The Shins. Great stuff, and now played incessantly on my swanky new MP3 player phone. (My friends will laugh at the mention of my phone, as apparently I talk about it rather a lot. But come on! It’s an AWESOME bit of technology, and I can nearly always be found plugged into it.)

Anyway, I’ve probably strayed too far into rambling country, and will endeavour to battle back to clearer ground in time for the next exciting instalment from the floating face.