Tonight was the G&S Society Christmas dinner, nicely subsidised and located at the Loch Fyne restaurant. This Christmas dinner, I decorously consumed…

  • Mussels steamed with celery and cream
  • Char-grilled breast of duck with savoy cabbage, mushrooms and red wine sauce
  • Christmas pudding with brandy sauce

It was goooood.

Not exactly a vintage menu, but if I’m eating Christmas pudding then as far as I’m concerned it’s Christmas dinner. Obviously it’s a little early in the season, with advent still days away, but apparently November 25th is ‘Cambridge Christmas’. A day when over-ambitious students serve dangerously under-cooked turkey and roast potatoes are politely described as ‘crispy’.

I am fortunate to have two more Christmas dinners in the coming weeks. Bread sauce and brandy butter are scheduled to appear in the next gripping episode, with a rumoured cameo by brussel sprouts . Stay tuned for more exciting tales of excessive consumption.