I feel like I’ve been under attack for the past hour, with a positive deluge of comment spam. Coming at the rate of several each minute, I’ve barely been able to delete them faster than they’ve arrived. I’d been getting occasional problems, but never enough to quite get round to installing any counter measures. Tonight certainly booted me into action. After a quick look at the options, I went for the easily installed Bad Behavior. (It hurt me to type that spelling, even though it is the actual name.) I’ve seen some other sites using random numbers as pictures, which have to be typed in to verify a human rather than a script, but they were far more complicated to install. I’ll see how I get on with this one first.

There is a very remote possibility that some of you virtuous and honest commentors will be blocked by the software, in which case you’ll get an error page. If this happens, drop me an email and I’ll try to sort it out.