I’ve spent the last couple of days engaged in preparation for revision. The capacious draw that was home to an entire term of physics notes has been emptied, and two large lever-arch files have been filled with sheaves of neatly punched paper. Five horrifically overdue library books have been returned, many of which had remained entirely unopened during their lengthy sojourn on my shelves. The lone book that inexplicably did not appear on the angry note from the librarian remained where it was. Nine new volumes were grabbed, whose titles suggested vague relevance, and a solemn vow was taken to make actual bone fide use of these books. I will also read my nicely ordered lecture notes at some point.

While my methodical filing was time consuming, I feel it will reap benefits in the long term, and I did stop short of completely blatant displacement activity. A medic friend of mine unpicked the staples of all his notes, placing each individual page in a separate plastic pocket, before organising them in colour coded files with matching dividers. A work of art it may have been, but fruitful use of time? I think not.

Tomorrow morning will be spent packing my stuff before my Dad collects me in the afternoon, then it’s off to visit grandparents for the weekend. It’s looking worryingly as though a new week will arrive before I start work properly. I have five and a half weeks till my exams, and a petrifying volume of work to cover. Long time readers may remember my letter after last year’s exams. Time for a re-read, and a reminder that it’s not too late IF I START NOW.

Pause in writing as fire alarm sounds and entire block convene for brief bitching session outside in rain and freezing cold.

I felt an irresistible compunction to write something before heading to bed tonight, and thus I’m still tapping away at nearly 2 am. The evening was spent happily diverted by a local pub quiz, in which we finished 2nd and won a large pitcher of beer. My friends discussed plans to meet tomorrow evening for home-made mince pies, gathered round an open fire in one of their living rooms. If only I were leaving on Friday instead…