I don’t have time at the moment for even a quick-fire update. This is just to say I have loads of posts I want to write, but no time due to exams starting on Monday 16th. I am typically unprepared, and will therefore be performing extremely badly in the tests, but am working hard to avoid complete failure. Perhaps having exams after one term will help boost me into industry for the rest of the year. The fear will still be fresh.

PS Just before I go, I’m intrigued by the random hits to my photo site, showing extended visits from a variety of far flung countries. Someone in Morocco took a long hard look through most of my theatre photos, and I also have fans in Italy and the Czech Republic. None of them came via a search engine. Very strange.

PPS One final point. Check out this crazy art installation. A glorious waste of time even I would have been proud of.

PPPS Friday the 13th. Oooh, spooky…