I obsessively check my site stats, and inevitably people find my humble abode in different ways. Many are friends from college or drama, and there are a few American bloggers who have formed the habit of popping in occasionally for no good reason. Then there are the search engine hits. It’s a bit of a blogging cliché to list them in a post but what the heck, they’re amusing. Here’s a few of the most recent…

  • human face pig
  • floating objects and odd things happening
  • he’s messing with your mind
  • who got through the dark materials auditions?
  • i know what you do backstage in your little coffins

The hit from that last one is explained by these two posts, but I don’t mind admitting someone actually searching for it scares me a little. Of course, it is now doubly certain that anyone in search of backstage activities in little coffins will be directed to my blog…

Hello. Please take your perversions elsewhere.