Cambridge has a particularly sadistic way of announcing exam results, where the class lists are posted for all to see outside the Senate House. They don’t tell us when exactly this will happen, so entire days can be spent repeatedly checking the boards, and my results were posted on Wednesday morning. I’m hugely relieved to say I got a 2i, equating to ‘good’. As I said in previous posts, I thought I was probably hovering around the 2i/2ii boundary, and this was indeed the case. It was close. This makes me hugely pleased that in the the veritable car crash of my final paper, I resisted the temptation to give up with half an hour left. In those final thirty minutes I worked out a long question that had previously stumped me, and if it hadn’t been for that I could well have been ‘poor’.

While not spectacular, this result is probably more than I deserved, given my immense laziness on everything but the research project. It leaves options open, and with some relevant experience I ought to be able to get a PhD place somewhere. With undergraduate life finally behind me, I can throw myself into the hectic summer ahead. Working at the British Antarctic Survey, house-hunting, visiting Edinburgh during the festival and being Company Manager for a show in Cornwall. It’ll be busy but fun.

PS I owe you one post about Cate Blanchett.