I’m not sure it’s worth trying to justify myself, however. For one reason and another I just haven’t found myself blogging of late, but this will change. Armed with my beautiful new MacBook I shall sort myself out and begin to update you all with tales from my life. This has been a mere blip and not, repeat not, the end of the Floating Face. I don’t deserve to still have any readers but if anyone out there is still checking back once in a while, I apologise.

I shall bring you up to date with my life. I started my job last October, as planned, and have since been setting the world of speech perception alight with my scintillating insight and intuition. I am currently investigating options for PhDs starting later in the year, and am beginning to come to the conclusion that academia might be a viable and desirable career. I am very much enjoying not being a student anymore, particularly the money (which enables me to buy shiny new laptops) and the fact that my evenings and weekends are my own (which enables me to go out probably more than I was before). I am also playing yet another grumpy old man in a musical, this time ‘Oklahoma!’.

I spent Christmas in Devon with family, where I ate a horrific quantity of food. I then went to Edinburgh for New Year, where I had a great time despite the world famous Hogmanay Street Party being canceled due to gale force winds. (Apparently there were portable toilets bouncing down the streets. Can’t imagine why they thought that unsafe.) It was great to be back in Edinburgh, having been up there for the festival 18 months ago, even if the weather was borderline hurricane.

Living in a house is treating me very well, particularly the novelty of having a TV again. This might have something to do with my lack of blogging of late, actually. I of am of course not watching the current series of Celebrity Big Brother. We have a large living room, a kitchen with an aga and a huge garden with apple trees. We also have a slightly scary landlady who wrote an inventory including such gems as ‘one curtain rail, 37 curtain hooks’, ‘ceiling – wallpapered’ and ‘one driveway (tarmac)’. Clearly worried she’d come round one day to find we had laid gravel.

I think that’ll have to do for now. Must sleep. Brace yourself for more soon…