Well, I just found a wifi hotpsot at the theatre, so here I am with my new laptop tapping away in the wings. The network is conveniently called ‘stage’. We’re half way through the first act of our first night, having completed a successful dress rehearsal earlier this afternoon. It’s all going quite superbly well, and since I’m hardly required in the first act it gives plenty of time for me to type this post. On in the finale however, so I’d best concentrate.

Not sure if I’ve given details on the show. It’s a production of ‘Oklahoma!’ at the Cambridge Arts Theatre, and I’m playing the role of Andrew Carnes. That’s the grumpy old man, which is pretty typical. The rehearsal schedule has been intense, and truly shattering while trying to hold down a full time job as well. Taking a couple of days off work this week, and my whole lab are along for the final night on Saturday.

In other news, I’m applying for PhDs over the next couple of weeks. Controversially, not in Cambridge but at Warwick and Bristol. That’s news for another post though.