There is a large pile of assorted packaging dominating one corner of the office. Cardboard boxes of various sizes, plastic wrappings of assorted hues, and in the middle sits Fyse. From the opposite side of the room two colleagues eye him warily.

“I think he’s over stimulated, you know.”

“Yeah. Something very reminiscent of my five-year-old last Christmas. Too many presents and not enough time.”

Fyse makes a decision and reaches for the closest shiny electrical thing. He stabs at buttons and turns a few dials, ignoring entirely the fat and hugely helpful instruction manual. After a minute he stops, as if at a sudden noise, and grabs for another item.

“New phone and camera in one day. Dangerous.”

“Yeah. Bet you a fiver he has a break-down before lunch.”

Fyse is cackling to himself in a contended if slightly demented fashion, with technogical wonders clasped tightly in each hand. He puts the phone in his pocket before brandishing the camera and staring menacingly across the room. It’s kinda like that bit from ‘Terminator’. You know, the bit where Arnie stares menacingly.

“Fyse, don’t even think about pointing that at us. Seriously. Er, Fyse?”

Fyse hasn’t had a lot of luck with online orders of late. Having spent the best part of three weeks bouncing off the walls before his laptop arrived, complications of the most infuriating nature delayed the delivery of his new digital camera. He didn’t deal with this in most decorous manner (as Amazon customer services operators will testify), but the waiting is finally over. As chance would have it this also coincided with delivery of a new mobile phone. Fyse is something of a gadget freak at the best of times, and no one knows what effect such a concentrated burst of silicon-powered AWESOMEness might have. The world retreats to a safe distance…