This new start manifests itself in several ways…

  1. New city
  2. New job (sort of)
  3. New look website!
  4. Renewed enthusiasm for blogging (hopefully)

So, to the first of these. I have relocated to the exotic climes of Bristol. My initial month-long investigations reveal that my new home varies in two primary ways from my old stomping ground. First it is considerably bigger, and second it is STEEP. Bristol appears to consist of one giant hill that somehow you are always climbing without ever reaching the top. Cycling is hard work, especially mounted on an antique bone-shaker more suited to the pancake-flat fenlands of Cambridgeshire.

I’ve moved to Bristol in order to start a PhD, which is very exciting and almost makes it seem as though I have long-term plans and career prospects (providing I still want to continue in research after four years of this). I don’t suppose there’s much risk of getting dooced while still a student, but even though I’m (reasonably) anonymous I probably wont blog about work very often. At least, not in a specific or wildly derogatory way. Not that I have anything bad to say, of course. I’m going to stop digging now.

D’you like the new look Floating Face? It’s a customised version of the FallSeason theme, and my modifcations basically consist of making it look less awesome and more rubbish. I’ll sort things out properly one of these fine months, but in the meantime posting photos is neater (which I plan to do much more of) and I’ve removed the sidebar (which was just a waste of space for me). There is also now an RSS feed, which will hopefully prove useful for some of you.

As for the increased enthusiasm for blogging, I really hope to get back into updating this site regularly. I’m not ready to give it up, despite being a bit of a lazy sod of late. Well, for quite a while actually. Perhaps the key to this might be in expanding my readership, so I’m toying with the idea of advertising it widely to all my real-life friends, rather than just the very few who currently visit. First I need to get some new content for these supposed new readers to peruse. I’m taking a LOT of photos these days, so at the very least you can expect to see more of those, and hopefully some contributions from the Floating Face himself.

The take-home message from this post is that I am still here, and to watch this space.