Things have been mighty busy of late in the world of the Floating Face, and
rehearsals for an upcoming musical are the prime cause. ‘City of Angels’
opens on Tuesday night, and with a very-far-from-smooth technical rehearsal
‘completed’ today, tomorrow is the dress rehearsal. I still haven’t written
any proper posts, as you have no doubt noticed, but here’s another picture
to fill the void. Rehearsing for a show gives plenty of opportunity for
photography, with photogenic people willing to be in front of camera, who
are also appreciative of the results. Most of the photos have been, like
this one, shot with my fast 50mm lens and available light. This shot was
partially posed, in that she was already sitting at the window, but after a
few unnoticed snaps I got her to shift slightly in order to get a better
angle and catch more of the reflection.